Friday, March 14, 2014

Are you Happy ?

One day, someone in the middle of a conversation without importance , surprised me with a question : Are you happy , I thought a minute and replied simply : if I am, that person question my answer and told me How can you be happy with all the bad things in this world? , how can you be happy if you lack so many things to accomplish?

Since that day, sometimes when things do not go so well , when difficulties abound and sadness , sometimes imbedded in the soul , I listen within myself the same question: Are you happy? .
And it's true , life is full of intricate paths , obstacles and situations that at times seem to want us to desist. Life is full of dreams, goals we wear, to the end , and sometimes we think our happiness depends on them .

Then , we place happiness in a distant goal , a love, a career, a position , an achievement, and we say : Just be happy if ....
But perhaps it makes sense, what if that love never comes, if that race never ended , or if we do not get the position you want both ? Do we love each other like if that happens ? , Will we be happy by other means, or never achieve happiness because we put on those goals ? .

Life is a constant change, and change each of us , our dreams change , change our direction, and our goals change , and perhaps what we wanted to achieve so much , and in which we put our happiness no longer this or not really right for you, and perhaps insist pursue happiness in that something that does not come , let it go the things that really make us happy , or worse, we fail to see the happiness that you seek further, is there , with you , in you.

Here's how I think , for me, to be happy is to love who you are with all your flaws , all your mistakes and imperfections, and to be happy with who you are , shopped always grow , and never, under any circumstances will you allow something or someone damaged.

Being happy is to appreciate what you have achieved and celebrate, perhaps there is much yet to achieve, but it can not make you less happy, because your efforts have already borne fruit , albeit one, born of you and everything you did .

Being happy is grateful every day just being alive is a deep breath and be thankful for every breath that invades your body, sing out loud , just for the hell of it , you feel like your hands are able to create , support , to hold